Thursday, January 28, 2010

gel transfers

I've got some background work done on another journal page. It was done using gel transferring. I'm learning but I kind of like the grungy kind of colour in the three corners. The other colour (which was applied over one of the yellow pages) is fluid acrylic. I like using the fluid acrylics here so that I don't have to worry about it lifting in the many subsequent layers. Lots of collaging, layering, painting, writing and touching up to do here. I wasn't going to post this but thought I should just to show I'm back in the saddle again. lol
Also been working on another Japanese gate - drawing and transferring to w/c paper.
Now, off to work, then home again and then checking out blogs to see what you've all been doing!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A few more journal pages

This one says a lot about what I've been going through;

The pomegranite was collaged. I used pastels to create the soft halo around it. Unfortunately, you can't see the border very well.

The city was collaged, too. The darker spot of burnt orange and yellows is actually blended fibre medium. Kind of like a little canvas on which I'm going to paint something.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Robert Tiso ...

Have you ever heard Robert Tiso play a glass harp? The man truly has magic in his hands! Beautiful! I stumbled across his videos on Youtube while searching out some classical music. (I was in a classical mood.) My jaw dropped when I heard his and it stayed 'dropped' while I listened to all his videos there. Totally amazing!

I've been listening to his work while cleaning up my painting area. It's become horribly messed up. As soon as I'm finishing, I'm going to sit down and work at a watercolour version of those water lilies I worked on a while back.

I tried to watch some art videos at CPP today but I think too many people were there. I did get to see Carl Dalio on Colour Power and picked up several hints and tips.

Hope your Christmas was beautiful and that the coming year is awesome for you.