Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've been working on the pears, hopefully tonight, it'll be finished and I'll post it.  Then I'm going to paint two paintings of a Canadian flag, cut them into strips and weave them together.  I'm hoping that when it's done, it'll look as good as Suzy's do here

AND, we've got two cats now!  Baby kittens that we brought home a week ago.  They've been to the Vet's for checkups, shots and Advantage and he says they're about ten weeks old (eleven now). 

Mine is the gray male and since I loved Scotland so much when I was there last April, I call mine Scotland - Scottie for short.  The black female is Zach's and he calls her Spinner.  Scottie is stood in a little bed I made for them out of a plastic bowl with rounded lips and an old worn-out pair of heavy fleece sleep pants.  They love it!  There's a padded pillow underneath so it's nice and soft.  I was planning on making it out of a basket but when I was in the Loonie store, I saw this and thought how much smoother it was than a basket.  I'm still going to do the basket one, I think, as well as this.  They both fit in right now, but not for long.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grisaille Pears update .....

Here's the latest on the pears!  I still have to scumble darks into the reflection area as well as work at the highlights on the pears and in the reflections, and more in the direct shadows.  Also, the lower stem.  But ..... it's coming along!  I think when it's done, I'm going to crop a bit off the bottom.

I almost hate to finish it because then I have to start another and I just don't know what to start next.  Though, I *did* take some good shots of Ornamental Cabbages on Saturday.  Or perhaps, jellyfish ......

I'm liking these pears ......

This morning, I got up early, cooked *another* turkey - but this time, not to eat as a turkey dinner.  This time, the entire turkey went into 7 large turkey pot pies!  With homemade crust.  That was tiring!  I kept coming into my painting room to paint and rest from it.  ;-)

I hope you're painting and enjoying life ...

ps - I don't think I mentioned previously that this is on a 1/4 sheet of Arches 300 lb CP.  Watercolour, of course.  :-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Grisaille Pears update and Happy Thanksgiving Canada

If you're a Canadian, like me, Happy Thanksgiving!

I started this grisaille painting about two years ago.  (Two years!  I really AM a slow painter, aren't I?)  Here's the last posting I did on it. 

To get back into some painting, I decided to work on it.  So, here's a few shots of what I did tonight on it as well as a few of the older shots.  Mostly, I added more colour to the pears, then put in the background.  The black background was tricky and had to be done fast.  It's three coats of WN Blue Black, a gorgeous black that has been discontinued I think.  The fourth pic shows the background still very wet.  After the three coats, I painted on a coat of just clear water to even out some darker areas.  Worked well.  Then, as shown in the fifth pic, I added some colour to the bottom section of the background.  More to follow.....