Sunday, May 11, 2008

Next step in the Grisaille Pears

I added some very watery Prussian Blue to a few areas, then a coat of Hansa Yellow Medium. While the paint was still wet, using a thirsty brush, I lifted a few highlights.

Almost three weeks ago now, I badly sprained my foot! I didn't step down when I should have. Baaaaaaaad mistake. After going to emergency to make sure it wasn't broken, I hobbled around on crutches for a few days (crutches are for the birds!), then graduated to one crutch (which was so much easier), then finally to none. Several people have told me that a bad sprain is worse than a break. I now believe them. When I first went to the hospital that night, my blood pressure had soared to 211 over 109! It set the alarm off on the bp machine it was so high. The doctor believed it was the pain causing that and he was right. The next day, it was well on it's way back down. The bruising on the foot has been unbelievable!

So, almost three weeks later, I'm still hobbling around - but without crutches. The worst part is when I'm sitting. Boy, does that foot swell when I'm sitting. It's getting better slowly though, but that's why I haven't been doing much painting or blogging.

I'm still on ibuprofen for the swelling. I really hate that stuff - it does very nasty things to my stomach - but if I stop taking it, my foot swells too much and that causes so much more pain.

To top that all off, I'm just getting over a cold which I caught about a week after the sprain. Probably because my resistance must have been low.

So, the foot's on the mend, the cold's almost gone. Things are looking up!

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Ann Buckner said...

Oh good, more pears. That prussian blue you added looks interesting. Hope you get to the next step soon as I am curious where you will take this painting.