Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For Teresa

My good friend, Teresa, asked a few questions that I thought I'd answer as a post rather than just answering in the comment section. (Teresa's blog is awesome. Go check it out!!)

Here are her questions;
Deb, what do you mean with gel "transferring"? I need to learn all the techniques you're using for these pages! I use a gel mat medium (deSerres brand) and sometimes soft gel glossy (Golden). Just paint it onto the page, lay a photocopy, printed copy or magazine page down, rub hard, wait for about 2 minutes, then rub off the back paper. You're left with an image on the page. It takes some practice though. I just ruined a photograph of my parents on their wedding day that I wanted to transfer onto a page. Grrrrr.

Also, why there's no the same risks with fluid acrylics than with normal ones? is it because they dry faster or what? When I painted the pages with the fluid acrylics, the paint dries to permanent just like regular acrylic paint. It won't lift at all. Being fluid acrylic, it can be treated like watercolour only while you're painting it and it's wet. After it dries, it's permanent. If I did the background pages with watercolour, and I used non-staining paints, think of the mess it'd make when I put something wet over it. There are ways of getting around it (i.e. using staining paints, putting on a light layer of varnish, etc) but I have all these fluid acrylics and thought it'd just be a whole lot easier to get where I wanted to get. Btw, fluid acrylics do dry faster than the watercolours also.

I wasn't too crazy about them when I first got them and tried them out but I'm slowly converting. Guess I don't take to change very easily. lol. But soon, I'll try Nick's way of painting again and see if I'm any better at it. (I've totally given up on that fluid acrylic waterlily. I cringe every time I look at it.)

aaaaah I need to know lol, sorry for pestering you with questions :) Tsk, tsk, tsk, Teresa! What a statement! You KNOW you never pester me! LOL!

Don't forget to check out Teresa's blog - Lost in Wonder. She's an incredible watercolourist!!! Look for her portrait of Tim Burton while there! Wow!


Teresa said...

Oh! thank you so much for all the info Deb, I never thought of using the gel mediums like that, in fact I didn't even know it could be done! gotta try though I'm pretty sure it'll be more difficult and messy than it sounds, right?

Lol, that lotus painting has traumatized you for life! but I still think it was looking great, are you going to try the watercolor 2.0 version in the future or you've given up on the idea?

Nick said...

I see more people talking about fluid acrylic as watercolor everyday...I guess I'm responsible for a lot of that, for better or worse. I should say that I also use a lot of straight watercolor too, seems there is a rumor I don't. Anyway, I was curious about the waterlilies you mention...didn't find them, but stumbled over something on rice paper that to me looks like your best work! And reminded me of something Juan Carlos Cardesin might do...and I can think of no higher compliment to pay a watermedia artist. He's a giant in this medium. Bravo.