Thursday, March 24, 2011

Four Poppy Paintings. Same drawing - different ways.

 The plan was to quickly draw out four paintings, all the same and do them four different ways.  All are on 1/4 sheet 300 lb arches cp.  The plan was put into effect to get me back into drawing fast 'cause I was starting to get so panicky over not painting for so long that I was thinking maybe I'd forgotten how to paint.

The first was to be a taped painting a la Sandy Maudlin, to look like her totally awesome batiques.  Didn't work.  I'm not even posting what I did on it here because it is so totally awful!  Taping isn't as easy as it sounds.

The second was drawn out in charcoal, then painted over with watercolour.  I like the extra shading you get.  The first one posted here (should be to the left if blogger lays it out properly) is it.  Nothing fancy - just fast paintings meant to get me back into it.

This one, the third, was started out in Nick Simmons' acrylic-watercolour style a while back and set aside unfinished.  It's the drawing I used as a base for the four of them.  I love how the background turned out and I love the colours in the flowers.  Very unrealistic but fun to paint.  The shading on the flowers was done in regular watercolour.  The nice thing about using acrylics underneath is that they never shift or lift later on when painting over them. 

The fourth one is going to be a grisaille.  Same poppies but a more traditional look.  It's coming .......


sherryscarvings said...

this is just "Stunning" love it!


Deb Léger said...

Hi Sherry,

thanks very much!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Both look good Deb, quite peculiar and you know I love peculiar <3 Already waiting for the next one, it's great to see you painting again!

Deb Léger said...

LOL, you can so such awesome things with "peculiar", Teresa! Thanks for always being there.

Medieval Muse said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Medieval Muse said...

Gorgeous work.

Don said...

Hi Deboah,
I am new to water color art and find your work very inspiring,
lovely colors and shartp pictures.