Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Drawings .....

Haven't had too much time this past week to draw (or anything else, for that matter, but get ready for a backyard birthday party that was held today) but last night, I did. And tonight, I will have more time.

First, I'd like to say that I was getting concerned about copyright issues of posting drawings I had done of Dan Gheno's drawings included in his many articles in the latest issue of Drawing Highlights. (See the previous post for more info on that.) So, I wrote to him, asking if it was okay with him that I posted my own copies of his drawings. He wrote a very nice letter back saying yes.

I've been reading and re-reading and re-reading again, the many fine articles in there. Each time I do another drawing and re-read the articles I'm working on, more sinks in and more makes sense.

Dan makes a very complicated subject become much more approachable, not so formidable and better to understand. Yes, his work definitely does speak to me.

I've posted an arm I did. Working on those muscles is not as easy as it looks in the articles! With each one, though, it gets a slight bit easier. I erased the hand - I just couldn't include it here. It looked more like a bear paw! I'll get to those in time, though.

Again, the scan is a bit poor. I'm sure as I post more of these, I'll get better at shooting them. It is so much easier to shoot colour work.

The second one I"m posting is a torso from his Shapes and Planes Diagram. Drawing this torso a few weeks ago would have been pretty grusome, but this one came easy.

I just love drawings of torso's and was really happy this one turned out reasonably recognizeable.

As usual, I ran out of room at the bottom of the page. (These are all drawn in an 11 x 14 inch Robert Bateman sketchbook, 90 lb paper.)Otherwise, there'd have been the upper section of a thigh there also.
Maybe tonight, I'll have another one to post.
Hope your weekend's been good.


Ann Buckner said...

You always have such clean, beautifully soft drawings. Good work on learning the figure.

Angela said...

Wonderful job! You ability to draw that muscles in the body are outstanding. I love them all!

Deborah A. Léger said...

Thanks Ann! I still have soooo much to learn!

Hi Angela, it's so nice to know others are viewing my blog! Thanks for your comments and compliments.