Sunday, March 8, 2009

a bit on the fluid lily pads

I've been a little lax in posting lately. I have high blood pressure and for some strange reason (okay, maybe some personal stress had a 'bit' to do with it) it went sky high, even with my bp meds. Talk about wicked dizziness! So, today, I worked on this. Slowly.

I'm liking it a bit more. I still far prefer watercolour over fluid acrylics but I'm learning how to manipulate them better.

The colour in the bottom left is a bit off - it's really not that icky shade of .... muck that it looks like in the photo.

Funny thing though, I just keep painting even if something isn't feeling right with this painting. I just think "what the heck - just get it done!" ROTFLOL. Considering that kind of attitude, it's not too bad. Is it?

I know I've used the fluids too thick but I started that way so .... I pretty well have to finish it that way. Next time, I'll know better.

I read a good chapter in the Fear and Art book on control! That book is awesome!


Sandy Maudlin said...

Deb, You're painting great with the fluid acrylics. The water looks so wet and deep. Looking forward to the finished product. Have fun.

Deb Léger said...

Thanks Sandy! I was hoping to work on it tonight but am going to pick my son up from the airport. Haven't seen him in three weeks so painting will have to wait until tomorrow night. ;-)

RHCarpenter said...

It's looking good, Deb! Don't worry about the pad in the lower left - that's just there to lead our eye into the painting and the color won't matter - you don't want it too pretty there. Please take care of yourself - if you are having high enough bp even with meds to cause you to be dizzy, that is a scary thing. Maybe time for some meditation techniques - or more wine!!!

Ann Buckner said...

I'm liking this a lot Deb. I like the soft edges in the water and the variety of colors in the lily pads. So happy to see you painting and hope your BP is under control now.

Lost in wonder said...

Well Deb, maybe they are giving you a hard time but the pic looks really great, I love what you're doing with the water so far, all the textures in the bottom right, and most of all the balance you've gotten with the upper left area, it captures the depth of the pond and at the same time is soothing and gives space to the eye to relax near all the pads and the textured areas of water on the opposite side.

Ann Buckner said...

I was sure I posted a comment but it isn't here. I like what you are doing with your painting Deb. Love the look of the water, so soft.