Saturday, March 28, 2009

Focus Art

Since March 5, I've been taking care of the Focus Art blog site. Drop by if you have a chance and see what's going on in the local art scene as well as our art group.

I'm debating on whether to do more on the fluid acrylic waterlilies or move on the a traditional watercolour one. I'll post later on tonight the latest on the fluid one. Need to get back to work right now. (The day job work, that is!)

It's a gorgeous day here today, almost like summer. Way too nice to have to work.


Ann Buckner said...

I see you have added another project to your list. The art group blog looks great when I took a quick peek. You are so talented Deb, a wonderful cook, photographer, artist. Why not work on both the waterlilies and a new painting? :D

Deb Léger said...

Thanks Ann! I'm afraid if I go to another painting, I won't go back to the waterlilies! LOL!