Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hospice Exhibition, A & A Tour, etc.

I've been busily trying to get ready for the Apples and Art Tour which is on the 26th and 27th of September!

Some other good news is that last Monday, I was contacted by the people from the brand new Cornwall Hospice and asked if I would like to exhibit some paintings there! Would I? You bet! I had them there in time for their grand opening which was on Friday. I am going to have some prints made of a few paintings, mat and frame them and then donate them to the Hospice, which really made the coordinator happy.

I have been having some business cards made - found a great place online that is super good and the prices cannot be beat! 500 business cards (250 of each of two designs) and the price including shipping was about $30 for the two kinds! That was with some upgrades, too. I also had some oversize postcards made and a t-shirt that to wear for the two days of the exhibition with my web address on it as well as the sunflower which is the painting I'm using as the 'theme' to my A&A show this year. (I've blurred out my phone number and address on the pic above!) I've got some more regular post cards coming which I'll give out at the show. (Email me if you'd like a link to the company.)

The following pic (which, regrettably, is kind of small) shows the new FA calendar. This pic is a crop from the local newspaper. See that sunflower painting in the second row, middle? Look familiar?

Now, back to painting!


Cindi said...

hey sounds like you are on a roll, gal!!! good for you!!! you are an exciting artist... happy folks are starting to notice, more.. woo hoo!!!

Deb Léger said...

Hi Cindi,

Well thank you very much for saying something so nice and for always looking in!


Teresa said...

I·LOVE·THAT·T-SHIRT, period, what a great idea to have something like that done with your contact to wear during the show Deb

Deb Léger said...

HI Teresa,

It got lots of attention, that's for sure! Worked out great. I had another done but didn't receive it in time for the show. It had Moose's painting on it. lol. 'Cause I luuuuuv that cat. Not.