Thursday, October 22, 2009

Special thanks to Cindi and Teresa!

Well! Two of my art-blogging friends have sent me this Kreativ Blogger award! Thank you so much Cindi and Teresa!! You both would be on my list to send it to - hmmmm, can I send it to you both again, do you think?

The rules for the Kreativ Blogger awards say I have to post 7 random facts about myself and then send this to 7 artists that I admire and, as Teresa so perfectly puts it on her blog, stalk. ;-)

First some facts for Cindi;

1. My absolute two best creations that I will ever, ever, EVER create in my entire life are my two boys, Zach and Mat.

2. I'm 5'6" and they both tower above me now. (My oldest baby is about 6' and my youngest baby is taller than his older brother now.) They make me feel so short!

3. I cannot dance. Cannot. I have two left feet. Seriously. Which means I am perfectly happy to be a wallflower. I have never danced. I dreaded it at school dances. I will never dance. Cannot. Seriously. (So, don't ask me, k?)

4. I love watercolour painting. I'm always 'thinking' it and often, throughout a workday, I'll plan a watercolour in my head, from start to finish.

5. A belief of mine is: you can never have too many tubes of watercolour paint or too many colours in your stash.

6. And you can never have too much watercolour paper (Arches, of course) in your stash!

7. I love to cook and bake. I used to make and decorate very elaborate cakes for my kids' birthdays.

And, seven facts for Teresa!

1. I am extremely pro-Canadian.

2. I once stood in front of an original Cheng-Khee Chee painting in Old Forge and am so impressed with him and his work that I had to touch the painting / frame just to physically touch something he'd created.

3. I have British and before that, Scottish blood in my veins and would love to visit the Scottish Highlands one day.

4. I am married to a French-Canadian whose first language is French. I am very proud of the fact that my two boys are fully bilingual, which was very tough for an English mother to accomplish.

5. Rick Mercer is one of my favourite comedians. He is incredibly funny and knows absolutely everything about Canada. 'Cause he's very pro-Canadian, too.

6. I hate doing dishes.

7. Claude Monet's water lilies make me go weak in the knees and one day, I hope to realize one of my dreams, which is to go and sit in his gardens in Giverny and paint. Right there, smack in the middle of the actual gardens that he designed and planted and painted. Absorbing his energy, right there in his gardens.

And now to pass this on to seven artists whom I admire very much .....

Well, there are so very many blogging artists that I greatly admire that I can't just pick out seven! So, to every artist who has touched my life, no matter how lightly, you've had a part in making me what I am today and I gratefully offer this award to you all!

(LOL, whatever is Teresa going to say about THAT! LOL!)


Teresa said...

HEY! I'm not saying anything, see? NOTHING, even if only because you're my new heroine not only for sharing 14 things but because you've touched a Cheng Khee Chee original and nothing, NOTHING can beat that!

Deb Léger said...

Ohhhhh Teresa, it was awesome standing in front of an original painting of his! It was rough, thinking of 14 different things. ROTFLOL.