Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Rain Man

How can we be in June already???

I guess this is my first official entry of my new blog. (I actually started it a while back but never got around to writing anything.)

I'm coming out of a seriously long artist block. The Pals group and I are all doing a painting together so that's going to be my kickstart! I feel like I've almost forgotten how to paint. But that is about to change! I'm attaching the photo reference we've chosen to do. It's a shot from the Morgue File and as soon as I have the photographer's name, I'll post it. It's not your everyday kind of inspiration but we all want to do some figures and thought this one would be particularly challenging - a figure and rain - how much more challenging can you get? I've decided to crop mine to the shown shot and plan on calling him The Rain Man.

I'm off to start drawing now ..........

Edited to add the photographer's name - the shot was taken by Dmitry (DZZ) from Russia. It's posted at MorgueFile. Hopefully, Dmitry will be following our progress as we (Ann, Rhonda, Teresa, hopefully Paulette and myself) paint his photograph. Thanks very much, Dmitry, for posting such a great shot at Morgue File!

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