Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm so tickled!

One of the January shows at EBSQ was for unfinished art. (I have no shortage of that!!) One of the criteria was that the painting be more than six months old. (I have no shortage of that, either!) I entered two paintings and one of them, a dahlia macro won Member's Mention!

Here's a link to see my EBSQ portfolio, showing my five ribbons. And here's a link to show the group's current show page. Scroll down to see the "recent exhibit winners" and click from there to see the complete show exhibit.

I've also included a write-up about EBSQ on the What's New page of my website. This painting, by the way, will never be completed. I hate it. I grew tired of painting in only orange. I plan on cropping down to some painted section and framing that. So, here's the dahlia - unfinished - that won the Member's Mention:

And here's the other entry:

The above, an unfinished painting of dogwood flowers was originally started as a demo by Rhonda Carpenter. She was generously showing myself and Ann, Paulette and Teresa the steps of pouring. Lots of fun and even though it's unfinished, it taught me a lot about the fun and the technique of pouring paint. Thanks Rhonda! (There's a link to Rhonda's blog over the right.)

Actually, this is the one, of the two here, that I prefer. I know it's because I love blues and am not an "orange" person. We also started some jelly fish that I am definitely planning on finishing.


Ann Buckner said...

Way cool Deb, on the Members' Mention award. I would love to see both of these pieces finished as I believe them to be quite beautiful even at this stage. Maybe you will one day rethink your decision to not finish them.

Deborah A. Léger said...

Hi Ann, thanks for your comments. Maybe one day ...... but you know how I get with unfinished stuff that I'm tired of! LOL! But you never know .....