Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snow, snow, snow, snow, SNOW!

This weekend, the first "Family Day" holiday, has been busy. I like this new holiday in February, though! I've been shooting a friend's paintings so she can get them up on the Focus Art member's page and resizing them, too.

And since my baby's home from college, I've been baking him anything he wants - which included a strawberry-rhubarb tart from Martha Stewart's latest magazine. I love having him home for the weekend but hate seeing him go back. (I'm as anxious as he is for the summer holidays to get here!)

I've also got a piece of Arches w/c paper textured up with moulding paste and have two coats of gesso over that, now dried and ready to paint. I'm going to do a painting for this month's flower of the month show at EBSQ, which is Lobelia.

In lieu of painting pics, I'm attaching snow pics! We have snow (almost) up to our ears. And what you see in these pics is over and above all the stuff that's melted several times over this strange winter! I've also put in a few pics of the house in summer to better show the snow. I swear, next year, we're going to have a snowblower! Just when you've got it all shovelled clean, it snows another foot or so. Just when you have THAT cleaned up and ready to leave for work in the morning, the darned snowplow goes by and leaves about two feet at the end of the driveway.

Okay, first pic is the front of the house in summer. Ahhhhh, summer - no snow. Hot as hades, but no snow to shovel or drive in. (Sorry, several of the originally posted pics have been removed.)

And now, this winter with all it's abundance of snow! I never dreamed my little evergreen shrubs would get so heavily buried in snow. I hope they make it! Last winter and early this winter, I would brush all the snow off them but then the snow got to be too deep!

The last one was taken looking down the sidewalk. You ought to see it before the sidewalk plow goes by!

Monday and Tuesday of last week had temps of -20 C. Tomorrow is forecast for +6C. Too much change, too fast. Too many extremes. At this time of year, we need a few good weeks of the -20's, not all this constant fluctuation! But you can't argue with Mother Nature.

And that's my rant for today! If you're sharing in the new Family Day holiday, enjoy it!

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