Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finally did some painting!

I finally did some painting! This was one that sat unfinished in "the pile" for a long, long time. This month's Flower of the Month show at EBSQ is Lobelia so after a lot of thought, I decided to finish this one and put lots of lobelia in the window boxes.
I had actually started this painting to practice doing brickwork. The main colour used here is Daniel Smith's Quin Burnt Orange, which I love!
It's also posted at the show page at EBSQ. You can click here to see the show. At EBSQ, there are two kinds of memberships, artist and art patron. Art patron memberships are free and with it, you are able to vote on the shows. The artist memberships are a fantastic investment for artists and you can vote also.
Here's the painting:

Here's a few close up detail shots.

The above closeup, while slightly dark, shows the curtains. I'm pretty happy with how they came out but can't decide if I should add more darks to the interior area.

This one shows the flowers. I managed to leave lots of whites in the masses of flowers for a real watercoloury look. That was tough. I'm pretty happy with the greens!

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