Thursday, March 13, 2008

Can we even take more snow???

If I thought it had really snowed last time, I was sadly mistaken. This past weekend, over a Saturday night/Sunday period, we received 50 cms of snow, plus another 15 cms of ice pellets. Also mixed in were strong winds, rain, freezing rain, and even thunder and lightning! It was one very powerful and menacing storm. The cleanup is still going on and will probably take about two weeks.

Rhonda, I think we've got you beat for snow! I'll take your foot any day! LOL

This shows the front entrance that had to literally be carved out of a huge snowdrift. It was still snowing when this was taken. Heightwise, that snow there goes to just below my neck. The worst part is constantly clearing out the mess that's dumped in the driveway when the plow goes by.

I did do more painting though. Started something for a fast warmup but it's not being done so fast. Just a small still life with onions, shallots and peppers. Maybe tonight, I'll post it.

Last night was the meeting night of the art group. (First Wednesday of every month but last Wednesday, it had to be cancelled because of ...... you guessed it! Another snow storm.) It was a great meeting and I enjoyed it! When I got home though, I just had to finish watching the movie, August Rush. What an excellent movie!!!

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