Thursday, March 27, 2008

In lieu ........

I've been pretty tired out this week at nights (exhausted is more like it!) so I still haven't got to the other loose painting but it is first on my agenda! Last night, I needed to help my son with a school project so that took most of the night.

In lieu of posting the latest loose paintings (which I'm hoping will get done tonight), I'm posting some shots of my painting room instead.

Here's the old 'rescued' table where I paint. Doesn't it look so neat?

(Actually, that was shot after moving into this house! LOL - hasn't looked that neat since!)

Here's what it usually looks like:

Here it is with the six pear paintings spread out:

Since this was originally a bedroom, the closet looks like this to store supplies and things:

That's a heck of a lot neater than it looks now, too! I really need to do some spring cleaning in this room!
Opposite the painting table is my computer desk and I can't find the pic I had stored of that. I'll keep looking and add it when I do.
Gotta get ready for work now but at least I can leave without feeling so guilty about not getting to those paintings and posting them!
Have a great day!

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Ann Buckner said...

Your paint room looks pretty neat Deb. I like how you organzied your closet area for storage too. Now I'm ready to view some of your watercolors, hint hint! BTW I really like the way you painted that green onion. The white end looks just right and maybe you will do a WIP of how you approached painting that still life?