Sunday, March 30, 2008

The second batch - not a success story!

Well, here, in all their glory (and I use that term very loosely) are the latest batch of pears along with the first batch. I can't say there is one set in the second batch that's any good. But I'm going to try again tomorrow! I will not stop until I succeed at this.

I have pears coming out of my ears! Or rather, I have bowling pins and potatoes coming out of my ears because that's what the second batch looks like to me. LOL!

Thankfully, tomorrow's another day. (Another day, another pear.)

I think the biggest problem was that as I was attempting to follow Don's instructions, I had the set I'd done and liked so much right in front of me and was subconsciously trying to duplicate them.

Each one of these is on 5" x 7" w/c paper. (Most of Arches 140 cp, four are Bockingford cp. I had bought a sheet of Bockingford way back after reading how so many people on Wet Canvas liked it. It is truly horrible paper to work on. No where near the quality of Arches and I will never use it again. The paint does not flow smoothly like on Arches. Not at all. Horrible stuff.) Painted with a 3/4" cyrrus kolinsky. Paints used are WN winsor yellow, WN indanthrone blue and DS sap green.

Did everyone shut off their lights at 8 pm on Saturday night? We did. Makes you appreciate light when you put them back on.

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