Friday, January 2, 2009

For Teresa

In a previous post, Teresa asked this about a new tube of paint: Hey, question, I need to know your thoughts on the DV Iridescent Burnt Sienna compared to the WN Burnt Sienna, I love it in your swatch so I hope when you use you'll tell me if it's as rich in color or not, how about the texture of the paint? does it flow like WN and Holbein or is it more gummy like DS?

I did another swatch for you Teresa! I've left it much bigger so you can see detail. (Just click on it.)

Compared to WN Burnt Sienna? It's much lighter and much more opaque. But I do like it. It's very sparkle-y! It'd look fantastic as a skin tone for some of the awesome figures you paint. I can see it as a skin tone with pointy little ears, kind of like fairies dancing on flowers. But I digress! lol. Back to thoughts on it.....

Personally, I like DS Quin Burnt Orange much better than the WN Burnt Sienna. In the near future, I'm going to order some M. Graham Burnt Sienna and try that out also.

Regarding richness, I'd have to say that the DS Quin Burnt Orange is richest in colour. The DaVinci, while beautiful, takes a lot more paint out of the tube than the others. I wouldn't say it's gummy but it's rather 'thin' compared to others. (You'd use it a lot faster so order the large 37 ml tube.) (But then, I don't think that DS paint is gummy - I think of it as very creamy and I love that in paint. I wish WN was more creamy like that instead of being so thick.)

I do like it a lot and would definitely order it again!

Also on the swatch is one from DS called Duochrome Saguaro Green that, if you like the iridescent types of paint, you'd probably like this one. (The bottom of the three swatches is plain water.)

So here ya go, Chick!


Teresa said...

Deb, I love you!

Wow, from the photo at your previous post I wouldn't have imagined that it were so sparkling! Thanks for this new one, it does look great, I guess it doesn't need the intensity in pigment since it could be easily used for soft and airy things and in any case if a strong value is needed it could be used at the end as a thin wash to add the sparkle, right? hmmm... a lot of posibilities....

DS Duochrome Saguaro Green? you mean that one is actually green??? if you wouldn't have written it I would have thought it was another sienna! wow, I've never heard of that one before.

Deb Léger said...

lol, Teresa, I'm glad you liked it!

Yes, it does sparkle a lot and seems to be pretty opaque too. I agree that a thin wash of it could really add some sparkle at the end of a painting.

If you look at the saguaro green at different angles, you can see hints of a green mixed in with the sparkley sienna colours. Very nice really!

So, do you like the DV iridescent burnt sienna enough to order it?

Teresa said...

I like it indeed and have no iridescent colors in my den so far, that plus the fact that this year's christmas/birthday/Reyes Magos hasn't included any artsy present will be a good excuse to make me place an order myself, and I will probably include the DV Iridescent burn sienna, why not, right? I think I will need it ;)