Sunday, January 4, 2009

Speaking of Teresa.....

My good painting pal, Teresa, sent me a beautiful Christmas card that I thought I'd share. Thanks again, Teresa! I love it and it made my day!

Maybe this will be the year that she starts a blog and shows some of her beautiful work!!! (hint, hint.) Teresa lives in Madrid and is one very awesome watercolourist. If you'd like to see some of her work at her Deviant Art page, click here. Her work is amazing!!!

Now, I'm going back to drawing out some waterfalls that I really want to paint. It's a huge waterfall that can't even be photographed in one shot so I'm needing to combine several.

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Lost in wonder said...

OMG, looking at it again is kind of embarrasing lol, did you think that shame would make me start painting again? because it works! The best thing of those cards is that I made them with love but other than that...

And I DO HAVE A BLOG (and will use it for this post just to proove it!) I just haven't posted anything yet because I can't get the right look I want for it (though I guess I'll stay with the last revamp) AND I simply don't have anything to post BUT I'm gonna post at pals with a loooong message with all the news in my painting front, 2009 is the year Teresa will be back!

Why I haven't seen those waterfalls yet?