Friday, January 23, 2009

Colour Swatches

I've joined a new group that explores colour in watercolour and our first 'assignment' was to make a set of six colour swatches for the split primary palette. (A warm and a cool yellow, a warm and a cool red, a warm and a cool blue.) It was mentioned, by Rhonda, that you could punch a little hole in each and thread them onto a rope to keep all that info handy. I loved the idea.

I decided to add some extra info on each swatch and make them the size of a credit card, which is a nice handy size to show the info I wanted included.

Here's a group shot of my six for the assignment:

If you click on that pic, you can see it big enough to read all the writing so I won't list the pigments I chose here.

Some of the info I wanted each card to show me at a quick glance is:

1. The overall colour
2. A lighter area of the colour
3. Granulation
4. Transparency
5. How the pigment reacts to water splattered or dropped in
6. Liftability, or staining qualities
7. Name
8. Pigment number
9. Company name, since the same pigment can vary greatly from one company to the next.

Last night, instead of painting on the rocks, I did a few more. I love these as warmup exercises! If I do a few each night, I should have all my paint on a rope in no time!


Ann Buckner said...

Good information you listed Deb and your colors on a rope will no doubt be a visual treat as well.

Lost in wonder said...

you know I'm going to steal your idea of this swatches, right?

I thought about making Rhonda's rope thing 'cos it sounded so useful but I never thought I could have so much info about the paint itself in it, sometimes you're a genius!


Deb Léger said...

Thanks Ann and Teresa!

Teresa, ROTFLOL, only sometimes?