Sunday, February 1, 2009

An Entire Day with the Golden Artist ..... part 1

Today, I spent the entire day at a workshop here in town with Andrea Warren, Golden's "working artist" for the Ottawa area! It was a fantastic workshop! We experimented with Golden's products all day long. Andrea really knows her stuff and she explained and led us through their product line, with each of us experimenting hands on with everything. We had a break for a catered lunch, which was included in the workshop, received lots of goodies to take home as well as all our pieces.

(I am going to break this post up into several smaller ones because of the number of photos I'm going to include.)

Here's some of the highlights:

First, the goodies:

Andrea explained the differences between the older mineral based paints and the newer ones and then wanted us to play with both. I chose to make two colour charts rather than paint something. :-)

Andrea also explained about interference paints and showed us how and why they work.

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