Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Paint

... but it's not watercolour. It's Golden Fluid Acrylics. I've decided to not buy any more tubes of watercolour paint until I 've used up a lot of what I have. I started doing colour swatches for each tube I have and am still working on them. I'm embarrassed at the number of tubes I have!!!

Here's the new paint! Sixteen containers and a few I've collected from the Golden seminar samples. That's Clear Tar Gel in the background and you can also see a reference shot of the waterlilies I'm working on. (I prefer to put my reference shots into black and white and plan my own colours.) I also received two Raphael brushes and some glazing medium with the paints. Can't wait to try this stuff in an actual painting!!!!!


Sandy Maudlin said...

I'm seeing a wonderful future for you. So much watercolor fun with fluid acrylics! Go paint!

debwardart said...

You will love the fluid acrylics! I joined your color group but have yet to do a thing with it, I'll try to catch up to at least some of the things you all are working on.
Can't wait to see the 3 waterlily paintings you are going to do. You do great work.

RHCarpenter said...

Have fun with all the new art supplies, Deb :)

Lost in wonder said...

Goodies!!!! *come with momma*

Knowing you that painting is going to be terrific, the value study already is! And I love how you work with grayscale references so you don't get distracted from the colors you WANT to use, cam't wait for more Deb.