Sunday, February 1, 2009

An Entire Day with the Golden Artist ..... part 6

Oh, I love this one!

Golden Light Molding Paste

It's a mixture of marble dust and gel, dries fairly opaque and white. It's designed to create texture and hardness. On one side of the 5" x 7" mat board, we applied it thick and on the other side we applied it thin (with a knife). After letting it dry, we applied fluid acrylics. I used Irridescent bronze, Irridescent gold, quin magenta and carbon black. I am definitely going to frame and hang this one.


Lost in wonder said...

This one I love! It sure will look perfect hanging on you wall Deb.

So, when it dries... how does it look? before adding any paint? is it something that would work wel even if not painted?

Deb Léger said...

Hi Teresa,


Before you add paint, it dries to this white opaque hard surface. It takes the paint really nicely.

Ummmm, if you didn't add any paint at all, I guess it could work - if you didn't mind the whiteness of it. If you wanted it white, then it'd be perfect.