Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Hijinx of a Nasty Cat

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a mangey old cat called Moose. Moose is a very vindictive cat who likes to get his own way. If he doesn't, he has his ways of making you wish you'd given him what he originally wanted.

Two days ago, while sitting at my computer (which is opposite from my painting table), Moosie (rhymes with Lucy) wanted to sit on my lap. I wouldn't let him. He's a fur factory and ends up coating you in cat fur. So, Moosie stopped pestering me, letting me think I'd just gotten off pretty easy with him. A few minutes later, I turned around and looked to see what the noise was that was coming from my painting table and ...... sure enough, there was Moose - sitting on top of my drawing. "Get off my drawing", I said with a lot of emphasis. Moose complied, leaping off in a giant leap and in the process, TEARING my drawing with his back claws! I chased him out of the room, with perhaps a slight bit of yelling. (Okay, maybe a lot of yelling.) I didn't catch him but he spent last night in solitary confinement. (Aka shut in the laundry room with his litter box.) I have to admit that I took a slight bit of pleasure in hearing his scratchings on the door during the night.

So, above you can see the damage. At least the line drawing underneath wasn't damaged too much. I can salvage it with a bit of tape. But the value drawing is ruined. I'll keep it to use as is though but it's no use finishing it. I think later, I'll crop the lily and perhaps keep that section.

All this means that instead of waiting until I'm done the drawing, I think I'll now start on transferring the line drawing to w/c paper, the gesso'ed paper, etc.

That mangey spoiled monster. If Mattie didn't love him so much, he would have been tossed out the front door for sure. Did I mention ALL the cords of mine that he's chewed? Computer wires, computer cords, digital camera cords, electric cords, video game cords, electric guitar wires. You name it. Years ago, before I had him "fixed", he used to "spray" everything. Having him neutered and de-clawed fixed a lot of problems but Moosie has been making me pay for that ever since.

Do you think that vets would de-teeth cats?

Yup. Yup. Yup. I just love this cat to bits. Yeah. Right.


RHCarpenter said...

Oh, Deb, I'm so sorry Moose is at it again! Definitely in solitary confinement for the day - or more! I think there is a real love/hate relationship between you and this cat - maybe he was someone you really treated badly in a past life and he's here now to get back at you?

Lost in wonder said...

Good ol' Moosie is back putting up a good fight, damn, he knows where to hit harder doesn't he? roflol.

I hope you can manage to save that drawing somehow Deb, it's too good not to try.

Ann Buckner said...

Ouch Deb, that had to hurt, seeing your hard work fall prey to Moose. I am so happy for you that the line drawing wasn't damaged. Now I'm curious, how did Moose behave after his banishmnt?