Sunday, January 18, 2009

A new painting, finally!

Well, not the painting yet but the planning is almost done and the drawing is finished. Now I"m ready to start painting but that'll have to wait until tomorrow night because I"m too tired out now. lol.

In Quebec (western Quebec), there are some beautiful waterfalls called Les Chutes de Plaisance. I love this place! (I love Quebec with all it's incredible beauty and joie de vivre!) 'Les chutes' is a big and complicated falls. I've been wanting to paint the entire area but after a lot of thought and planning, decided to paint one area. (Later, I'll paint other areas and then, later after that, I'll put them all together and paint one massive painting of the entire falls!)

There is a video on youtube that shows some kayakers taking the falls. In this video, you get an idea of the enormity and complexity of the area to paint. Click here. (This looks like fun but I don't think my old bones could take it. lol)

I've tried to shoot the drawing but you can't see anything on the board so I"m attaching a shot of my very messy painting table. (Messy, messy, messy. Always is. It's more 'comfortable' that way!) (I even included my pot of Chinese Flowering Tea.) Actually, this angle makes it look even more messy than it is.

Here's a google earth shot in which I've circled the area I'm painting:

I'm using 16" x 20" illustration board, cold pressed.

On another note, I started a baking blog because I love baking so much and because I strongly feel that baking is another form of art - creation. Here's the address if you'd like to take a peek: just click here.

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